Seminar on sound perception and acoustics at TU/e

When: first Tuesday each month, 16:00-17:30
Where: TU/e campus, IPO building, room 0.26

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Previous seminar on Tuesday 14 March 2017:

Speaker: Armin Kohlrausch (HTI, TU/e)
Title: “From ‘On the sensation of tone’ to Two!Ears: Developmental traces in hearing research”

This is an adapted version of the talk that I gave earlier this week, on March 7, as plenary lecture during the annual meeting of the German Acoustical Society, the DAGA meeting  2017 in Kiel. I was invited to give this lecture as part of the honor to receive the 2017 Helmholtz Medal of the German Acoustical Society (DEGA) which is a life-time achievement award for work in acoustics.

In this talk I will build a bridge from the influental monograph by Helmholtz, published for the first time in 1863 (first English translation in 1870, as reprint still available through the Acoustical Society of America) until the present time, to the EU financed research project Two!Ears. I will focus on some selected aspects of hearing research which are of relevance for a wider acoustic community: The question, inasmuch the phase of individual spectral components of a sound affect its perception; the question how sounds are analysed in the inner ear; and some developments on spatial hearing.

 Future seminars are planned for the first (sometimes second) Tuesday each month, at 16.00
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Goal of the seminar:

Knowledge exchange between participants and groups, to get to learn more about the actual research projects (PhD students, PostDocs, senior staff). To learn to present own work, to comment on and criticise other work, and of course to learn acoustic insights. This can also be seen as a form of community building!

Target public:

Talks are presented to be of a level that PhD students (and interested advanced master students) can follow and find it interesting. No registration is needed, so everyone interested on “sound perception and acoustics” can attend this event.


The topics are based on: (1) ongoing research work, and (2) review talks on specific topics.
The talks are planned to address human perception, room acoustics, sound propagation and the links in between with a special emphasis on the modelling component.

Past seminars:
List of seminars on Sound Perception and Acoustics
# Date Speaker Title
27 14/03/2017 A. Kohlrausch From 'On the sensation of tone' to Two!Ears: Developmental traces in hearing research
26 07/02/2017 J. Leenen Hearing aids and music appreciation--an introduction
25 10/01/2017 N. Cvijanovic Effects of noise on arousal in a speech communication setting
24 06/12/2016 I. van Kamp Understanding perceived soundscapes in their physical and social context
23 01/11/2016 A. Osses Predicting perceived reverberance in different room acoustic environments using a binaural auditory model
22 04/10/2016 R. Kim Perception-based modelling of attributes related to room acoustics and audio quality
21 13/09/2016 I. Fichera How architectural design of stages influences stage acoustic parameter values
20 07/06/2016 H. Zhou Time domain broadband planar nearfield acoustic holography
19 03/05/2016 A. Osses Design of an "instrument"-in-noise test to evaluate the perceptual similarity between piano sounds
18 05/04/2016 J. Reinten Healthy acoustics in hospitals -A first hypothesis and proposed method
17 01/03/2016 M. Hornikx Wave-based modelling in the built environment using the PSTD method: developments and prospects
16 02/02/2016 T. Koelewijn Pupillometry as an objective measure for listening effort
15 05/01/2016 R. de Vos Human echolocation skills
14 15/12/2015 A. Kohlrausch Some historical notes on early developments of artificial heads (dummy heads) and theories on spatial hearing
13 27/10/2015 J. Breebaart Atmos - Immersive audio
12.2 06/10/2015 R. García L. Modelling the sensation of fluctuation strength
12.1 06/10/2015 D. Masovic Analytical modelling of sound radiation from an open pipe with a hot flow
11.2 01/09/2015 E. Braat-Eggen Noise annoyance in open-plan study environments
11.1 01/09/2015 J. Reinten Healthy environment for hospital nursing staff (acoustics) - Introduction to the project
10 07/07/2015 M. Hornikx Wave based modelling in the built environment using the PSTD method: developments and prospects
9 09/06/2015 C. Hak Room-in-room acoustics: the influence of listening room acoustics on played back room acoustics
8 12/05/2015 F. Tateo Distributed Resonant Units for Low-frequency Vibro-acoustic Control
7 07/04/2015 S. van de Par Room-in-room audio reproductions: perceptual consequences and proposed solution
6.2 03/03/2015 R. Kim Perception- and cognition-driven acoustic engineering
6.1 03/03/2015 E. Braat-Eggen The relation between the acoustics of open-plan study environments, well-being and learning performance of students
5 03/02/2015 J. Leenen Digital hearing aids - High tech in one cm3
4.3 06/01/2015 A. Osses Implementation of a modified cochlear implant processing strategy
4.2 06/01/2015 E. Moers Planar near-field acoustic holography for accurate vibration detection
4.1 06/01/2015 C. Liu Prediction of the acoustic benefits of green roofs and trees for inner city configuration
3.3 02/12/2014 R. Wenmaekers Measuring stage acoustic parameters for optimizing ensemble playing
3.2 02/12/2014 N. Cvijanovic Ultrasound-based sensor systems in speech communication
3.1 02/12/2014 M. Temiz Acoustic end-corrections in micro perforated plates – revisited
2.3 04/11/2014 T. Senan Investigating and modeling distorsions of cognitive processes by sounds in the environment
2.2 04/11/2014 F. Georgiou Acoustics modeling for auralization of inner city environments
2.1 04/11/2014 A. Osses Perceptual evaluation of differences between original and synthesised musical instrument sounds
1 14/10/2014 A. Kohlrausch Introduction to the seminar on Sound Perception and Acoustics at TU/e

Here you can find a summary of the talks listed in the Table.

For further questions about “Sound Perception and Acoustics at TU/e” feel free to contact Alejandro Osses (a.osses(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

This event is supported by the following EU funded projects:

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